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Why a Vision Plan is Important

If you are looking for a cost-effective, value-added benefit for your clients, you can’t do much better than a vision plan. There are so many good reasons for a company to offer vision insurance to their employees. Not only is it perceived as an “up-graded” benefit by employees, it actually could help with office productivity.

Every year, vision disorders alone account for more than $8 billion in lost productivity1, and uncorrected vision can decrease employee performance by as much as 20 percent2.

Ocular health is vital to on-going general health. Statistics show that individuals and families without a vision benefit plan are more likely not to access regular vision care. Studies have found that individuals who have vision insurance are more likely to access preventive benefits such as yearly eye exams. Having a vision plan will provide employees with access to regular care at a reduced out-of-pocket cost.

And regular eye exams are not only to check on visual acuity; they can be a key indicator in detecting early stages of health risks such as diabetes, hypertension, cataracts, and glaucoma. This means that you may be warned well-in-advance of a chronic condition that could cause health problems in the future, along with higher medical bills.

Most of us rely on our eyes to navigate our world. Yet, in spite of this, nearly 40 percent say they believe they can’t afford treatment and admit to postponing or avoiding care. Today, more than 157 million Americans wear some form of corective eye wear. As we age, our need for eye examinations and vision correction increases. We also know that blue light from tablets and other mobile devices can increase the risk for macular degeneration, so the need for annual vision exams and correction will continue to increase.

And not attending to a family’s vision care can seriously impact children and their ability to grow and learn and thrive. One in four children has vision problems and it’s up to adults as their caregivers to provide the vision care they need.

Premier Access offers a wide array of comprehensive vision plans with rates that are affordable. These plans can be offered as employer-paid or voluntary. Contact your Sales Representative with any questions you might have about our vision products or for a schedule of plans and their rates – there is something for everyone.