About Us

Premier Access: A Company You Can Trust


Since 1989, Premier Access Insurance Company and its affiliates have been providing products and services designed to help meet the needs of our clients. We started as a dental practice and realized that patients needed benefit plans to help them receive the care they required at a price they could afford. Access Dental was born. And as we grew, we added products and services that were attractive to organizations and individuals. Premier Access was launched as the Dental PPO division. The company continued to grow because we understand what it takes to provide direct oral health care as wells as administer benefit plans. It was true then and it remains true today.

In 2014, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America recognized the scope of capabilities incorporated within Premier Access and acquired Premier Access and its affiliates.

Today, Premier Access is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Guardian was founded more than 150 years ago and is one of the largest dental benefits providers in the United States.

Premier Access continues to operate as a separate company in order to take advantage of a number of important and established features including:

  • Robust network discounts
  • Regional focus
  • Affordable administrative cost and rates
  • Low annual increases
  • Direct point of contact account management
  • Innovative technology

Premier Access has been successful in providing excellent benefits along with exceptional customer service for more than 25 years. Much of our success can be attributed to dynamic management oversight and a dedicated, diverse group of individuals working together to help meet the needs of members and client groups. Premier Access strives to achieve our goals through:

  • Precise strategic growth plans
  • Willingness to listen to feedback
  • Ability to quickly adapt to both industry trends and economic fluctuations
  • Creativity to develop and institute new plans and programs.

Premier Access is committed to providing you and your customers the same quality service and innovative products that we have since 1989. We continue to provide flexible, affordable products such as an expanded network with deep discounts, DHMO products introduced in Nevada and the recent launch to Utah and Arizona.