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Welcome UT Medicaid Members!


Welcome Utah Medicaid Members!

Thank you for visiting the Premier Access website. We are proud to provide dental benefits to Utah Medicaid Members for children up to age 21 and pregnant women. Our Customer Service representatives are here to answer any questions you may have about Premier Access, help you find a dentist or answer any other questions you may have about your plan. You may also visit Utah’s Department of Health website for more information about the Utah Medicaid Program at:

UTimg1Largest Dental Network in Utah!

It is very important to see a dentist and maintain good oral health. And with the largest dental network in Utah, Premier Access gives you more dentists from which to choose. Once you enroll with Premier Access, you may select the dentist you prefer from our network listing. Click to see our Provider Listing.


UTimg2Transportation Assistance

You may be able to receive transportation assistance to get to your dental appointments. These services are available with select providers. For more information on transportation services contact our Customer Service line at 1–877-541 5415.


UTimg3Educational Member Resources

Once you choose Premier Access for your dental needs, you will receive a Member Handbook and ID Card. The handbook explains your benefits and lists who to call when you need assistance. You also have access to easy-to-understand videos on flossing, brushing, toothpaste, whitening and more through this website.

Language Services

As a member, you have access to free language services. Premier Access can arrange for an interpreter or translator for you either in-person and by telephone. You can use this service to speak with us and your dentist. We also have materials in different formats if you have a special need. If you need this service, please call us at 1–877-541 5415.

If you need materials in Spanish, Customer Service will also assist you in obtaining these.

Si Usted necesita materiales en Español, llame al Servicio al Cliente al 1-877-541-5415.

Special Health Care Needs

Let us know if you have special health care needs.  We can help you get access to a specialist.  Call Customer Service at 1-877-541-5415.

Discussing a Problem

During your dental treatment, you may encounter a decision or action made by the Plan or your dentist with which you do not agree. This could include:

  • You were unable to find a dentist.
  • You were unable to make an appointment.
  • You received poor quality of care.
  • You were treated unfairly by a dentist or staff member.
  • You were discriminated against.

If your question is care-related, speak first with your dentist about concerns you may have. If your concern is related to your coverage or a service issue, please contact Premier Access, If after you have made your initial inquiries, you are still unhappy, you may file a Grievance by calling or writing to Premier Access.

Call Customer Service to discuss your concerns at 1–877-541 5415, or write to us using our Grievance Form.

Mail this Grievance form to:
Premier Access
Attn: Grievances/Appeals
P.O. Box 255039
Sacramento, CA 95865-5039


If you are not happy with the results of your grievance, you can ask for a State Fair Hearing.  Call the Utah Department of Health at 1-801-538-6576.


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