Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

One of the most common dental plan designs, Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) give members the freedom to go to the provider of their choice! Like every dental carrier, Premier Access has providers that are contracted, or ‘in-network’. These providers offer maximum coverage, enabling members to save out-of-pocket costs and stretch their Calendar Year Maximums (CYM). If a member opts to see an out-of-network, or non-contracted Premier Access provider, co-pays are slightly higher and, at times, CYMs are less (depending on plan design).

Premier Access proudly offers one of the largest selections of PPO plan designs in the industry – and it will customize plans to meet any and all requirements. Aspects of PPO plans that can easily be customized include:

  • Calendar Year Maximums;
  • Coverage levels for specific services (by procedure line);
  • Deductibles; and
  • Discount levels.